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WG-M1 - Общ преглед

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  • Waterproof 10m and shockproof without housing
  • Full HD video with stereo sound recording
  • Built-in color LCD screen
  • Built-in Wi-Fi 
  • Full range of outdoor accessories


ОписаниеПрочети повече

WG-M1 in video

For true-to-life recording of action scenes


Incredible movies

Crystal-clear sound

Beautiful still images

Full HD movies (at 1280 x 960 pixels) are captured at 137-degree ultra-wide angle of view to record memorable scenes entirely.

Thanks to the rugged, housing-free design, the WG-M1 records true-to-life, unobstructed stereo sound.

Thanks to the combination of a bright F2.8 lens with a 160-degree maximum angle of view (at 4:3 aspect ratio and wide-angle setting) and approximately 14.0 effective megapixels, the WG-M1 delivers beautiful, high-resolution still images.

Full HD movie recording 14-megapixel still images
Solid operation without a housing 10-meter waterproof
2-meter shockproof -10℃ freezeproof

Технически данни Прочети повече

Тип - Тип фотоапарат Action camera
Сензор - Вид сензор


Сензор - Ефективни пиксели Approx. 14 megapixels
Body - Височина 42.5
Body - Ширина 66.5
Body - Дълбочина 89.5
Body - Тегло

Approx. 190g (including battery, microSD memory card, and Lens protector O-LP1531)
Approx. 151g (excluding battery, microSD memory card, and Lens protector O-LP1531)

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