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PENTAX K-01 - Общ преглед

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The first K-mount mirrorless

  • designed by Marc Newson
  • 16 Megapixels stabilised sensor
  • 3" LCD screen
  • Full HD video with dedicated button
  • Compatible with all PENTAX K-mount lenses

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Designed by world famous designer : Marc Newson

Please listen to the interview of Marc Newson, explaining how he created such a product.


If you want to learn more about Marc Newson, please visit : www.marc-newson.com.

Exceptional image quality assured by digital SLR camera system

The PENTAX K-01 comes equipped with a newly developed CMOS image sensor measuring 23.7 millimetres by 15.7 millimetres. With approximately 16.28 effective megapixels, this extra-large sensor assures high-speed readout of image data signals. The K-01 also features the new “PRIME M” imaging engine to assure first-rate movie recording performance in a digital interchangeable lens camera. It also offers an extra-wide sensitivity range -from ISO 100 to ISO 12800, or to ISO 25600 when expanded using a custom function- while minimizing annoying digital noise at all sensitivity levels.

Equipped with sensor shift reduction system

As all PENTAX SLR, the K-01 is equipped with a sensor shift reduction system. This system moves the sensor in the opposite direction than the one of the camera, so that the sensor remains in the same position during the shooting of the pictures.

This system is also really usefull while using the video mode.

And last but not least, as built in the camera, this system is working with all lenses without having to pay extra money for stabilized lenses when buying a new one.

Compatible with all PENTAX lenses

Since the start of the K-mount, PENTAX has produced more than 20 millions lenses. They are all compatible with the new K-01.

That a total range of 214 lenses compatible, on which, we have 21 digital lenses and 7 analog still produced. Thanks to this, the K-01 is the mirrorless camera offering the widest lense range*.

Pentax Lenses

The K-01 is also compatible with the 4 flashes of the PENTAX range.


* : without using a adaptor.

Технически данни Прочети повече

Тип - Тип фотоапарат

Appareil photo numérique à objectifs interchangeables SL

Обектив - Байонет Baïonnette KAF2
Сензор - Вид сензор

Capteur CMOS, avec filtre couleurs primaires

Сензор - Ефективни пиксели approx. 16.28 mégapixels
Body - Височина 79mm
Body - Ширина 121mm
Body - Дълбочина 59mm
Body - Тегло

480g boîtier nu, 560g chargé et avec une carte SD

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