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Announcing the Ricoh Theta SC 360-degree Camera

Ricoh is pleased to announce the launch of the RICOH THETA SC. Developed as the standard-class model of the popular RICOH THETA series, the THETA SC camera provides outstanding usability even for first-time 360-degree camera users and a full range of basic features and solid specifications.

Since the RICOH THETA was first launched on the market in 2013 as the world’s first 360-degree camera.  It has been used in a variety of visual fields. It’s an exceptional imaging tool, offering fully spherical images creating unique, and completely unexpected visual results. Launched in 2015 as a high-end model, the RICOH THETA S has satisfied user demands for higher image quality and more specialized business applications. It has been exceptionally well received by those with a keen interest in 360-degree imaging including photographers and business users alike.

Developed as a standard-class model in the series, the new RICOH THETA SC provides casual, effortless enjoyment of 360-degree imaging, and also signifies the arrival of a new era of virtual reality. While retaining the high level of image quality provided by the RICOH THETA S using a high-performance CMOS image sensor and large-aperture lens, this mid-class model is lighter in weight than previous models.

The RICOH THETA SC allows users to easily transfer captured 360-degree images to smartphones and tablet computers, and also lets them to upload their images to the theta360.com dedicated website and then share them on social media networks.  Users can also upload 360-degree videos directly to Facebook and YouTube.

The RICOH THETA SC is also available in four colours (blue, beige, pink and white), making it your personalized imaging tool, to enjoy every day, everywhere.

THETA SC - RRP: £249.99

Available: Early November 2016


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