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WG Wrist Strap Mount O-CM1533 - Общ преглед

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WG Wrist Strap Mount


Accessory to fix the camera on the wrist or arm



You are able to shoot if you put this accessory on your wrist or arm when surfing, skiing or snorkeling. It is also wearable on your clothes

Applicable Models

WG-M1 WG-4 WG-3 WG-2 WG-1 WG-30 WG-20 WG-10


●Outer Dimension: Approx. 74.5 mm (Width) x Approx. 60 mm (Height) x Approx. 45.5 mm (Thickness)
●Weight: Approx. 55g

Installation Method

1 Attach the provided camera platform. 2 Mount WG-M1 or WG Holder on which the camera is set. 3 Wrap the strap band around the arm, pass the strap
through the brace and firmly fix with the hook and loop

When WG series camera, excluding WG-MI, is used:

Since WG series cameras, excluding WG-M1, cannot be fixed, always mount a camera to the separately sold "WG Holder O-CH1470" before attaching the camera.

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