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WG Holder O-CH1470 - Общ преглед

  • WG_Holder_O-CH1470.jpg

  • Securely holds WG series cameras

  • Includes tripod connection and strap to secure the camera



WG Holder


Accessory to fix a camera to various optional mounts for WG


With the use of this holder, a camera can be mounted on a dedicated accessory (separately sold).

Applicable Models

WG-4 WG-3 WG-2 WG-1 WG-30 WG-20 WG-10


● Outer Dimension Body: Approx. 109.5 mm (Width) x Approx. 43.5 mm (Height) x Approx. 45 mm     (Thickness) Fixing Band: Approx. 27 mm (Diameter) x Approx. 140 mm (Height) x Approx. 3 mm (Thickness)
● Weight Body: Approx. 27 g Fixing Band: Approx. 6 g

Installation Method

1 Set a camera on WG Holder. 2 Set the fixing band on one side. 3 Wrap the fixing band and fix the camera on WG Holder.

The WG Holder securely cradles the camera when mounted to any of the WG mount accessories and enables precise adjustment of the camera to ensure the action is never missed. Thanks to the flexible ball and socket system used in the WG mounting accessories, transferring the WG Holder to the Suction Cup, Adhesive or Handlebar mounts is quick and easy. 

By using this holder, it can be attached to the optional accessories of the camera (WG Flat Adhesive Mount O-CM1471, WG Handle Bar Mount O-CM1472, WG Suction Cup Mount O-CM1473, WG Large Adhesive Mount O-CM1532, WG Wrist Strap Mount O-CM1533, WG Peg Mount O-CM1534, WG Magnet Mount O-CM1535, WG Helmet Strap Mount O-CM1536, WG Angle Adapter O-MA1532).

When combined with the WG series of ruggedized cameras, adventures become hands-free, extending the ability to capture action from new perspectives and vantage points ensuring that the once-in-a-lifetime shot is never missed!

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